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Considering the odds against them, the Lincolns could count themselves lucky that their losses hadn't been greater. Half-trained young Territorials with inadequate and insufficient weapons--little more than regiments on paper--had been sent to Norway.  There had been no air cover and no artillery. 

You can find further details of the action in Norway (including You Tube videos) at

A British resident in Steinkjer--himself a former Territorial Army soldier (but younger and not with the Lincolns) arranged with the local communes for plaques to be placed at Krogs farm and in Steinkjer to commemorate the British men who fell there.  The plaques were unveiled in 2010. 

John Gritten, the author of Full Circle, was a rating on board HMS Afridi

Training as alpine troops.

These charming girls from ENSA braved the dangers and the rough seas of the North Atlantic to entertain the troops at Akureyri.

Eventually, troops from neutral America arrived to occupy neutral Iceland.  After more than two years, the 4th Lincolns finally returned to England in September, 1942. 

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